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Stop WHMCS Chargebacks With Leading WHMCS Fraud Prevention

Prevent WHMCS fraud on your WHMCS ecommerce site with just a few clicks to activate IPQS chargeback prevention and payment screening. Catch suspicious users and high risk payments made with stolen credit cards. Detect fraud before a chargeback is filed and deny fraudsters the ability to take advantage of your site.

Score all details about a transaction made in your WHMCS platform with the IPQS add-on module for WHMCS. We make it easy to prevent ecommerce payment fraud by performing advanced scoring on transaction details and user info to identify malicious payments in real-time. Effectively manage WHMCS chargebacks without impacting the user experience.

WHMCS Fraud Protection

  • Score real-time sign ups and purchases to prevent abusive users.
  • Use a combination of phone number validation, email address verification, and proxy prevention.
  • Get an accurate risk profile to prevent WHMCS chargebacks and unauthorized payments.
  • Filter bots, duplicate users, and unwanted traffic sources with leading WHMCS bot detection.
Enable WHMCS Fraud Prevention
WHMCS Chargeback Prevention

Screen Suspicious Payments For WHMCS Chargebacks

This plugin will accurately analyze purchase made through your WHMCS billing platform for stolen credit cards and fraudulent payments. The app is built to prevent WHMCS chargebacks and identify suspicious payments for WHMCS platforms.

View risk analysis directly on your orders pages. View a mix of quality checks for IP address, email address, phone number, postal address, and other billing information provided by the user. Additionally evaluate the user with device fingerprinting, to determine if the user fits any suspicious behavior patterns or is a repeat user switching their identity.

IPQS learns from your audience and past orders to detect WHMCS chargebacks while minimizing credit card disputes and lost revenue. Maintain healthy ROI for your ecommerce store without friction from chargebacks.

Easy WHMCS Plugin Setup

Adjust available settings directly in the WHMCS plugin to control behavior and scoring settings. Additional settings for payment screening can be adjusted through your IPQS account.

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Setup chargeback protection for WHMCS with just a few clicks. Sign up on IPQS to link your account with the plugin.

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