IPQS and Sybrin Announce Global Partnership to Enhance Onboarding Security and Prevent Fraud

IPQS and Sybrin Announce Global Partnership to Enhance Onboarding Security and Prevent Fraud

IPQS and Sybrin announce a partnership to combine advanced fraud detection and seamless onboarding for enhanced security and user experience.

We recognize the role of robust security at every stage of the user lifecycle. Collaborating with Sybrin, we're poised to reinforce their onboarding solutions with our proactive fraud prevention.”

Larry Venter, IPQS



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2024 — IPQS, a trusted platform for real-time fraud prevention, has announced a partnership agreement with Sybrin, a global enterprise software solutions provider. This alliance combines the exceptional fraud detection capabilities from IPQS with the powerful onboarding solution of the Sybrin Platform.

This collaboration will provide a combined offering for secure customer enrollment and enhanced user experience. It will leverage the cutting-edge fraud intelligence from IPQS —including advanced IP lookups, device fingerprinting, and comprehensive email and phone verification tools. IPQS also offers innovative zero-day malware scanning to facilitate secure document acceptance for identity verification without exposure to viruses or ransomware.

By IPQS and Sybrin joining forces, businesses can conduct the onboarding processes with unmatched efficiency and confidence. IPQS has recently expanded its presence in Europe and Africa, and fostering partnerships with regional leaders like Syrbin is key to its global expansion strategy.

"We recognize the imperative for robust security at every stage of the customer lifecycle," says Larry Venter, Head of EMEA and APAC at IPQS. "Collaborating with Sybrin, we're poised to reinforce their onboarding solutions with our proactive fraud prevention. This includes leveraging the latest intelligence from our one-of-a-kind Global Honeypot Network, which gathers the freshest possible insight into risk."

“Our partnership with IPQS seamlessly complements our advanced onboarding workflow by ensuring that our customers have access to the most current data from which to make decisions, and then adjust user journeys based on real-time recommendations," added Stacey Japhta, Head of Growth at Sybrin.

Key benefits of the Sybrin and IPQS partnership include:

Improved decision-making throughout the customer journey: By integrating Sybrin's onboarding solution with IPQS's unparalleled real-time fraud detection, businesses can optimize their decision-making and improve customer conversion rates.
- Proactively prevent fraud: The IPQS Global Honeypot Network provides the freshest possible intelligence on risk signals to detect more threats and stop fraudulent applications.
- Enhanced security: A single offering for onboarding and verifying customer information, leveraging integrated device fingerprinting, IP intelligence, email verification, phone validation, and malware scanning.
- Frictionless user experience: By integrating IPQS with Sybrin’s hassle-free onboarding workflow, organizations can foster positive customer relationships from the very beginning.

About IPQS

IPQS is a trusted platform to combat fraud in all its forms, using accurate and timely risk intelligence, IP and device fingerprinting, and email and phone validation. More than 3,500 companies, including many Fortune 500 businesses, rely on IPQS for risk mitigation, enhanced deliverability, and reduced abuse.

About Sybrin

Sybrin is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions with over 30 years of experience. The company develops, implements, and supports end-to-end systems through Sybrin Platform using low-code technology. Sybrin's solutions cater to various industries and regions, addressing specific requirements in areas such as unified identity and onboarding, payments processing, customer communications, document management, case management, and fraud risk management. With over 800 systems implemented in 20+ countries, Sybrin serves more than 100 customers worldwide.

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