The Best Payment, Fraud, & Ecommerce Conferences in 2019

The must attend events for payment conferences, fraud conventions, and ecommerce conferences in 2019. Network with companies that are changing the payment industry.

The world of online business is ever-changing and fraudsters are keeping up with the times. Are you?

Payment Fraud Conferences 2019

It can be tough to follow changes within the payment, fraud, & ecommerce industry. Sure, you can keep an eye out for major news stories relating to ecommerce fraud. But you might miss some critical pieces of information that will help you fight and prevent new methods of online fraud or even process orders more efficiently. There's another way to stay on top of emerging trends: Attend a tradeshow that encompasses ecommerce fraud and brings together the largest companies in the fraud prevention industry. As luck would have it, each year over 20 conventions are held to discuss topics in these industries and connect companies with solutions for chargeback prevention, streamlining payment processing, fraud management, and transactions.

Fraud conventions and online payment conferences—each lasting for only a few days—are the perfect solution for the busy professional. Ecommerce conferences and similar industries are also great places for like-minded people to meet each other. There is plenty of time for networking before, during, and after these events.

In this article, we want to share every major fraud conference and online payments conferences for 2019. We'll go month-by-month and give a brief description of each event. This way, you'll be able to better identify which conference will benefit you the most. Let's get started!

January 2019

Who: National Retail Federation (NRF)


When: January 13-15, 2019

Where: New York City, New York

NRF 2019 is "Retail's Big Show". This is the world's largest retail conference and expo. NRF 2019 boasts the following numbers:

  • 38,000 attendees
  • 16,000 retailers
  • 800 exhibitors
  • 99 countries

Speakers include Marvin Ellison (President & Chief Executive Officer Lowe's Companies), Chip Bergh (President and CEO Levi Strauss & Co.), and Carissa Ganelli (Chief Digital Officer Subway®).

Up-and-coming retail outlets are spotlighted at this conference, allowing them to gain additional partners and business contacts. There's also a focus on the future of retail at this event.

February 2019

Who: Retail Supply Chain Conference


When: February 24-27, 2019

Where: Orlando, Florida

Retail Supply Chain Conference is a great event to network with high-level executives. Foot Locker, Target, CVS—executives from these companies and others will be attending.

Retail Supply Chain Conference describes what to expect: "LINK2019 is RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference reimagined. The conference is open to executives from retail and consumer goods product manufacturing companies. At LINK2019, you will connect with peers, engage with partners, and find insights and solutions to impact your bottom line."

The following executives are keynote speakers for the event:

  • Dick Johnson - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Foot Locker, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Pilof - Senior Vice President, Supply Chain at CVS Health
  • Gary Maxwell - Chief Supply Chain Officer at Dollar Tree
  • Rob Mills - Executive Vice President & Chief Technology, Digital Commerce & Strategy Officer at Tractor Supply Company
  • Dean Carter - Chief Human Resources Officer at Patagonia
  • Abby Wambach - Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women's World Cup champion
March 2019

Who: Shoptalk


When: March 3-6, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Shoptalk is all about creating the future of retail. The following activities will be available during this event: exhibits, hosted meetings, speaking sessions, tech talks, table talks, and networking.

Over 8,000 people will be attending Shoptalk this year. These professionals are people from established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investing groups, real estate operators, and media. In addition, more than 1,000 direct-to-consumer and tech startups will be attending.

Let's talk about the speakers. CEOs and startup founders will be among the people presenting at this year's Shoptalk. There are nearly 300 speakers scheduled to present. Among them are Leslie Leifer (Vice President,, Tarang Sethia (Vice President, 7-Eleven), Philip Thompson (Worldwide Tech Leader, Amazon), and Ryan Cotton (Managing Director, Bain Capital).

Who: Merchant Risk Council (MRC)


When: March 18-21, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

MRC Vegas is focused on combating fraud in the online marketplace. More than 1,600 people will be attending this conference. These professionals make up over 450 companies from over 30 countries.

According to MRC Vegas, the event "is the largest global conference focused on fraud prevention, payment processing, technology, cybersecurity, and financial services for eCommerce professionals." Here's what this means: If you're in the fraud prevention industry, you need to attend this conference!

In addition to networking and presentations, there will be an awards ceremony: The MRC Technology Awards. This ceremony will highlight "solution providers, card brands, and issuers making significant contributions to the fraud, payments, and risk industries."

April 2019

Who: SuiteWorld


When: April 1-4, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

SuiteWorld—an annual conference put on by Oracle—is focused on business growth. Over 7,200 business leaders will be attending SuiteWorld19; therefore, it will be a perfect event for networking.

The agenda includes pre-event training, Hackathon 4Good, Partner Kickoff, SuiteWorld Expo, SuiteWorld Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, and Glofest. Speaking of keynote presenters, let's discuss who some of them are.

The speakers are all from Oracle. They are:

  • Evan Goldberg - Executive Vice President, Oracle NetSuite
  • Jason Maynard - Senior Vice President, Global Field Operations, Oracle NetSuite
  • Gary Wiessinger - Senior Vice President, Product Management, Oracle NetSuite

Who: Transact


When: April 30-May 2, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Transact is a major payments conference that will take place in Las Vegas. Major payments companies, including Google Pay, MasterCard, and Visa are among the sponsors of this event.

Networking is a big part of attending the Transact conference. "Network with executives of ISOs, VARs and ISVs, large financial institutions, networks, security and emerging technology companies and start-ups looking to get into the payment space. Be a part of payments — from start to FinTech."

There are numerous networking events already scheduled. Some of them are:

  • Exhibit Hall Opening Reception
  • Vice President's Dinner & Awards Gala
  • Power Hour
  • Transact First-Time Attendee/New Member Reception
  • Young Payments Professionals & Forty Under 40 Reception
  • Wnet Networking Reception
  • Startup Reception
  • All Attendee Party
May 2019

Who: Magento Imagine


When: May 13-15, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Magento Imagine is an annual conference sponsored by its parent company: Adobe. Join over 3,000 attendees from over 60 countries and learn about the future of e-commerce. There are over 150 speakers scheduled to present and there will be over 100 sessions on the agenda.

Acquiring new tools is one of the features of this conference. Magento Imagine describes what you can expect to take away regarding these tools: "Hear directly from industry experts about the most successful commerce tools. Carry that knowledge back to the office and share it with your colleagues and team members."

The following people will be speaking at Magento Imagine 2019:

  • Eric Broussard - VP of International Marketplaces and Retail, Amazon
  • Jamie Foxx - Performer, Producer, Award Winner
  • Mark Lavelle - SVP, Commerce, Experience Business, Adobe
  • Jason Woodley - SVP, Product and Technology, Magento Commerce
  • Andrea Ward - Chief Marketing Officer, Magento Commerce

Who: Path to Purchase Summit


When: May 15-17, 2019

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The P2PSummit is interested in finding new, modern ways to connect consumers with retail businesses. Speakers will discuss brand loyalty, experiences, brand promise, brand trust, and other factors. This conference is for retailers and consumers goods marketers.

There are plenty of events scheduled during the three days of the P2PSummit. Some of the activities on the schedule include:

  • Transparency Educations Sessions
  • Omnichannel Experience Education
  • Collaboration Education Sessions
  • Executive Presentations
  • Shopper Marketing Celebration
  • P2PSummit After Party

Who: CNP Expo


When: May 21-24, 2019

Where: San Francisco, California

If you're interested in security, e-commerce, and payments, you'll want to attend the CNP Expo. CNP describes what to expect: "CNP Expo® equips fraud fighters, payment professionals and risk management experts with the knowledge and tools they need to offer rich digital commerce experiences to customers, while protecting their business’ bottom line."

The conference is divided into two parts: an education session and the general conference. There are numerous activities throughout the three days. As a matter of fact, some of the events overlap each other. You get to choose which events you're most interested in attending. Some of the events on the agenda are:

  • Networking Breakfast
  • General Session
  • Concurrent Education Sessions
  • Expo Hall Happy Hour
  • CNP Awards Party
June 2019



When: June 25-28, 2019

Where: Chicago, Illinois

IRCE is a conference and trade show aimed at giving retailers the tools they need to stay ahead of their competition. There will be nearly 600 vendors onsite and attendees will able to take part in over 130 scheduled sessions.

The event will take place at McCormick Place South, a 400,000 square foot trade show floor. There will actually be two other trade shows at McCormick Place South at the same time IRCE takes place. And here's the best part: IRCE is merging with them. Attendees will also be able to spend time at GlobalShop and RFID Journal Live! Retail.

Who will attend the IRCE conference? You can expect retail and brand marketing executives, owners of small to medium size businesses, wholesale businesses, and more.

October 2019

Who: Money20/20


When: October 27-30, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Money20/20 is a massive, star-studded event where "money revolutionaries unite". Akon, Barbara Corcoran, Shaquille O'Neal—do any of these names sound familiar? Even the Mayor of Dallas (Michael S. Rawlings) is presenting. The who's who of the business world will be at this conference.

Money20/20 describes what the event is designed for: "Money20/20 is where the Payments, FinTech, and Financial Services ecosystem unites to create and explore the disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money."

The agenda for the conference is broken up into "themes". During the timeframe of each theme, various presentations and working groups will focus on that theme. Here are some of the themes for Money20/20:

  • Payments & Platforms
  • Banking & Personal Finance
  • Next Gen Commerce & Retail
  • AI & Deep Learning
  • Cybersecurity & Fraud
  • Alternative Lending & Credit
  • Digital Identity & Biometrics
2019 Payment Conventions, Fraud Conferences, and Ecommerce Meetups Continued

This list is comprehensive for fraud & payment processing conferences in 2019; however, more ecommerce conferences and industry events may be added as the months go on. Make sure to come back and check in to see if more are added!

As always, you can meet the IPQualityScore team at each of these events.

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