Platform for SaaS Reviews Honors IPQualityScore with Distinctions for IT Management Software

FinancesOnline distinguishes IPQualityScore with Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards

SaaS Award

We are honored to announce that a leading software directory has recently honored IPQualityScore with prestigious awards for our exceptionally designed anti-fraud tools. After performing an extensive review on IPQualityScore, the experts from FinancesOnline distinguished our platform with its Great User Experience and Rising Star recognitions.

Software solutions that have well-designed functionalities and great usability are given the Great User Experience award for IT management software by FinancesOnline. In their written review, IPQualityScore was described as an anti-fruad platform that provides a “myriad of user-friendly and effective anti-fraud tools,” offering functionalities such as automated real-time fraud scoring and detection, whitelist and blacklist rule management, and much more.

Similarly, FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award is given to software solutions that have become increasingly popular on the market, as customers perceive it to be efficient in solving their problems. This prestigious recognition can be attributed to IPQualityScore’s capability in boosting one’s sales, with our platform capable of eliminating chargebacks, reversals, duplicate accounts, and fraudulent users. “With its throng of powerful anti-fraud detection and prevention tools, every anti-fraudulent process is automated, saving you time that you can use to further grow your business,” wrote FinancesOnline.

These awards are vetted by our high 100 percent user satisfaction rating and inclusion in list of top 10 IT management software systems. Check out our review on FinancesOnline and share how IPQualityScore helped improve your business.

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