IPQualityScore Launches WordPress Fraud Prevention Plugin

Protect your WordPress site from fraudulent orders, abusive behavior, and block users behind proxies and VPNs.
Making WordPress Sites Fraud-Free

WordPress Anti Fraud Prevention Plugin

WordPress powers 30% of all websites on the internet.

Yep. You heard that right.

With so many features and good usability, WordPress can make for a terrific website solution no matter the industry.

Whatever platform your site uses, though, there’s always a potential for fraud attacks. As a website, business, or store owner, it’s your responsibility to fight back against fraud.

Luckily, IPQS is making that task much easier with the IPQualityScore WordPress Plugin!

For years, IPQS has been providing merchants and businesses all across the world with the highest quality fraud prevention and detection tools. Now, we’re teaming up with WordPress to make our trusted anti-fraud suite available to all WordPress users, for free!

What is the IPQS WordPress Plugin?

The IPQS plugin for WordPress is designed to help eliminate fraud on your websites powered by WordPress. This is done through our suite of anti-fraud tools that range from VPN & Proxy Detection, to Email Address Verification and real time fraud scoring for users, visitors, and transactions.

Block Proxies & Anonymized Connections

Accurately prevent and block low quality connections that are frequently used by abusers and malicious users with IPQualityScore's Proxy Detection Technology. Minimize false-positives so your site’s user experience is not negatively impacted.

Email & IP Address Verification

One of the easiest ways to detect fraudsters or potential hackers is to verify their email address and IP address. If a email address is signed up with a spam email provider, it’s automatically flagged and blocked from visiting your site.

Similarly, if a user's IP address is scanned and is determined to be using an identity spoofing software, the IP address will be blocked, preventing the use of multiple accounts under the same IP.

Have big batches of emails and addresses you want to verify? Save time by using IPQS’ batch verification feature to avoid checking items one by one.

WooCommerce Support

For any store or online business owner, chargebacks and order fraud can be one of the most frustrating and time consuming processes to deal with, not to mention the profit losses.

To combat this, IPQualityScore’s plugin also supports WooCommerce transactions. It blocks or flags suspicious orders that are likely to result in a chargeback.

Receive a Real-Time Fraud Score for each order based on billing and shipping details, IP reputation, device reputation, and similar factors which combines into a highly accurate risk profile.

IPQS WordPress Plugin Features
  • Fraud Prevention & Fraud Scoring
  • IP Reputation Checks
  • Email Address Verification and Disposable Email Detection
  • Detect High Risk Transactions
  • Device Fingerprinting Technology
  • Apply Custom Rules
  • Email Alerts for Fraudulent Actions
  • Supports WooCommerce Transactions
5,000 Free Lookups Per Month

Want to try IPQS on your site for free, no strings attached? IPQualityScore offers all registered users 5,000 free search queries a month. Whether it be for email verification, proxy detection, or real time fraud scores.

Need even more security and fraud prevention? IPQS also offers paid plans flexible for any business looking to seriously upgrade their online security.

Every year, fraudsters are getting smarter and hacking tools are becoming more advanced. Stay one step ahead at all times! Enhance your website and customer security with simple and powerful plugins and API services from IPQS!

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