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Domain Reputation Test

Check Domain Reputation

Quickly perform domain reputation checks to identify suspicious domains being used for abusive behavior. Examples include phishing, malware, SPAM, disposable emails used for fake account creation and chargebacks, and similar types of malicious behavior.

Domain risk scoring detects suspicious domains that may be compromised or consistently used to facilitate fraudulent users & payments, disposable domains, or malware and phishing. Accurate domain reputation lookups can also be provided in real-time by using our malicious URL scanning API endpoint, which supports URLs or domains.

Free Domain Reputation Checker

Lookup Domains, IP Addresses, & Emails with a Simple API

Improve your detection for phishing, fake accounts & duplicate users, low quality user content, and even payment fraud. Analyze an email address or domain's threat level with a simple API call to prevent fake accounts and filter users in real-time. Stop fraudsters and malicious bots with a simple check during sign up or checkout.

Accurate domain reputation lookups tap into the largest honeypot threat network online maintained by IPQS, with over 5,000 active traps worldwide. Quickly detect new threats and the latest abuse patterns. Identify domains frequently used for SPAM and abusive behavior with an easy domain reputation score.

Additional insights also provide email domain reputation to measure inbox deliverability, verify emails, and monitor sender reputation.

Domain Reputation API

Scan malicious URLs and perform domain reputation API lookups to determine domain age, phishing & malware, parked domains, disposable emails, and similar suspicious behavior. Domain reputation API lookups provide real-time data with low-latency response times. Connect accurate domain analysis directly to your backend and business logic.

IPQS Domain Reputation Activity


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High Risk Domains


Phishing Domains Detected

Process emails and domains through our email validation technology to improve email deliverability and email domain reputation.

Email Validation API

How to Check a Domain's Risk Score?

Please enter the mail server domain you wish to verify in the search box above to check the domain risk score and threat analysis. This free domain lookup tool will perform quick domain analysis to determine if any fraud, abuse, malware, phishing, and other types of unwanted actions have originated from this domain. IPQS analyzes domain threat data from across our network, based on scoring hundreds of millions of transactions per day and extensive live reporting feedback from our clients. You can also check the domain's IP reputation health, which could also explain email domain reputation issues.

What Are Benefits of Domain Reputation Analysis?

Mail domains provide a good initial overview of the email address reputation. Disposable and high risk email service providers are likely to result in fake or duplicate accounts. User registrations from domains in this category should be treated as completely fraudulent and a robust API makes it possible to filter account sign ups in real-time. IPQS has a full suite of tools available to detect bot traffic and fraudulent sign ups with advanced screening for email reputation.

How Can I Verify an Individual Email Address?

Quickly determine if an email address is valid and obtain details about the inbox an deliverability using IPQS free email verifier. This check determines the health of an email address such as when the domain was first registered and when the email address was first seen across the IPQS threat network. Additional risk analysis data points make it easy to judge the quality of an email address and the corresponding mail domain reputation.

Does Domain Reputation Affect Email Deliverability?

Absolutely. Domain reputation is used by all major mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, and many more to identify SPAM and abusive senders. If you are unsure if your email domain reputation is contributing to poor email deliverability, please use our free email SPAM check to identify possible issues. We also recommend checking your domain health with the lookup tool above. Cleaning email lists every 6-12 months, especially for older subscribers can greatly improve domain reputation.

How To Improve Email Domain Reputation?

Email domain reputation can be improved by ensuring best practices for email deliverability, including setting valid DNS records like SPF, rDNS, PTR, DMARC, and DKIM policies. Maintaining clean reputation for sending IP and domains is critical for email service providers (ESPs) to allow messages into the inbox, instead of quarantining the message into the SPAM folder. Periodically checking to see if your domain or IP is blacklisted can help prevent email deliverability issues.

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