Email Verification Test

Use this tool to verify an email address. We'll attempt to see if the email inbox exists with the mail service provider, validate the email syntax, verify the email domain exists, and look into how many spam, fraud or abuse complaints have been reported. Our unique service also determines if the mail domain is a common mail provider (useful to determine business emails), if the email is a generic user (such as "admin@", "webmaster@", "support@", etc.), the user's first name (if available) that can be extrapolated from the email, and if the email is a possible honeypot or spamtrap.

Integrate our Email Verification Service with API Lookups or Process Batch CSV Reports!

This service can be queried via an API lookup or by uploading a batch CSV file. Our easy API documentation and example code can have our email verification service up and running in just a few minutes.

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Detailed Reports & Stats

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