/24 Subnet IPv4 CIDR Address Blocks

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Please select a block of IP addresses below to view the IPv4 CIDR subnet mask range and related neighborhood IP address listings for "2A02:2F02:8027:F002:0:0:BC18:2089...0/24".

What is an IP Address Subnet?

An IP Address Subnet, also known as a "subnetwork", is the efficient allocation of an IP network in blocks of IP addresses. Class A Blocks end with "/8" and contain 16 million IP addresses. Class B Blocks end with "/16" and contain 65,000 IP addresses. Class C Blocks end with "/24" and support a maximum of 254 IP addresses.

  • Class A Example - - 16 Million Hosts
  • Class B Example - - 65,000 Hosts
  • Class C Example - - 254 Hosts

What is CIDR notation?

CIDR format, or "Classless Inter-Domain Routing", released in 1993, is the industry standard for displaying IP addresses and their related subnets. It consists of a network prefix and the significant bits which determines the size of the IP block. Significant bits are in 8-bit groups that form Class A, B, and C blocks of IP addresses.

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