AS721 DoD Network Information Center Network Details

AS721 is an autonomous system number (ASN) managed by DoD Network Information Center. The registry was last assigned with 19,661,049 IP addresses active in the network. AS721 network's IP addresses are assigned by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), the regional internet registry (RIR) for North American IP addresses.

Based on our research of active subnet ranges, there are no active IPv6 addresses and 19,661,049 IPv4 addresses assigned to DoD Network Information Center.

AS721 Network Report

Lookup details for the DoD Network Information Center network.

Network Name AS721 DoD Network Information Center
Network ISP Conus-Ypg
Network Organization Usaisc
Registry Status Active — Allocated under ARIN
Total IPv4 Addresses 19,661,049
Total IPv6 Addresses 0

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AS721 IPv4 Address Subnets US Charlotte, North Carolina Conus-Ypg Usaisc US Sierra Vista, Arizona DoD Network Information Center Usaisc US Charlotte, North Carolina DoD Network Information Center US Montgomery, Alabama DoD Network Information Center 754th Electronic Systems Group US Montgomery, Alabama DoD Network Information Center Air Force Systems Networking US Montgomery, Alabama Air Force Systems Networking US Columbus, Ohio DoD Network Information Center

Network Latency Stats

Ping stats are unavailable for this network. Please check back again soon for an updated latency test.

What is an Autonomous System (AS)?

Autonomous System (AS) numbers group IP address networks and routing prefixes with the same external routing protocols. For example, all IP addresses managed by an organization are typically listed in the same AS network group. This could include all IP address prefixes managed by a university, corporate entity, internet service provider, or similar organization. Autonomous systems are useful for organizing the internet's IP addresses by the administrative entities which manage each IP address subnet. If an organization has multiple routing policies then a unique AS number will be assigned to each group of IP addresses.

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