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Need to verify users, payments, or lead generation data? Find the owner name of any phone with our reverse phone number lookup service available in most countries. Search phone numbers with access to hundreds of millions of phone number records including cell phones, landlines, & VOIPs. Reverse phone lookups support consumers, businesses, and residential numbers from a variety of fresh data sources.

A reverse number lookup can identify spam callers, fraudulent users, scams, and search the owner name for any number. Our free phone number lookup tools check the line type, location, and owner details for hundreds of millions of numbers. Access more advanced phone number intelligence powered by our phone validation service.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Perform a free reverse number lookup, search the owner and spam reputation.

Need more data? Use our free phone validator service.

Reverse Phone Lookup & Phone Number Lookup API

Search phone numbers with our free reverse phone number lookup tool, which can find the owner for any phone number. Reveal the owner's first and last name if available in addition to performing a reverse email address lookup. Some records also include the email address and physical address for consumers and businesses. This page will provide a free reverse phone lookup which is a great tool for improving fraud prevention solutions and user validation. Verify applications and new users to prevent fake registrations and verify payments to protect against risky payments with chargeback prevention.

Need to find a cell phone number owner? The tool above will provide free phone number lookup using the IPQS reverse number lookup API which can easily integrate in JSON or XML format using CNAM lookups. All numbers are well supported including landlines, cellular, wireless, VOIP (virtual numbers) as well as records for businesses and personal phones. Looking for more data? Check if a phone number is valid using our free phone validation tool.

Phone Validation Service

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

If you've ever wondered who called me from this number? then this tool can help you find the owner's name and enrich important details about the phone number. Reverse phone lookups solve the mystery of who called you by finding the owner of a number including cellular, landline, or VOIP lines. Our phone number lookup site supports all carriers in the US including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint &mdash — with some support globally for a "reverse phone lookup with name".

Reverse number lookups also provide useful information to help verify the identity of a user's profile or online payment. Using this tool for a quick phone number search can reveal a phone number's owner, and also recently associated emails and addresses with the number.

How Do Phone Number Lookups Work?

Number lookups check the owner name directly with the carrier using a service known as Caller ID. A ping is sent to the carrier network with a CNAM lookup request to retrieve the subscriber's current name. If the carrier does not have a valid name associated with a subscriber, then IPQS will check our extensive record database of US & Canada consumers and businesses to find a matching name. Confidently look up phone numbers with data appending and reverse email lookups from reputable sources directly from public records and carrier subscriber information that provide an accurate reverse phone number lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup API

Enhance your site's data with real-time identity verification based on a user's phone number. Integrate reverse phone lookup API using our easy to use JSON and XML API endpoints which imports our phone number reputation data into your site's business logic. The phone number reverse lookup API provides low-latency responses with international coverage, so you can verify user identity in any region with accurate phone number intelligence.

Free CNAM Lookup & Reverse Caller ID Lookup

A caller name lookup also known as a CNAM lookup is the best way to perform a reverse number lookup to search the owner of any phone number. CNAM is the name database managed by phone carriers, which powers a reverse caller ID lookup. Enter a number above using the free reverse phone lookup tool to initiate a phone number search that is sent to the carrier which provides landline or cell service to the number. This service can also be used by uploading a contact list or using the CNAM lookup API service for bulk reverse phone lookups.

Verify Numbers & Carrier Lookups

Want to check if a number is real? Use our free phone number validator tool to check if a phone number is a real number and currently active. Access additional phone number reputation data using our free carrier lookup service which provides the number's allocated carrier and telephone service provider. Free reverse phone lookups can enrich a wealth of phone data from owner name, carrier, line type, activation status, and much more.

OSINT Phone Number Lookups

OSINT phone number searches can pair a reverse telephone number lookup with additional intelligence signals related to a phone no. OSINT, also known as open source intelligence, is the process of gathering signals around data, in this case, a phone search lookup. IPQS pairs a traditional reverse phone check with details such as phone number line status, number activity, risk score, and identity data enrichment including a name or email address. A similar check can also be performed using our reverse email OSINT lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Access deep phone number intelligence powered by IPQualityScore's relationships with the largest Telecom providers worldwide. Tap into the most accurate reverse number check databases used by the largest Telecom providers, which can support cell phones and landlines alike. The IPQS reverse phone lookup service can be accessed by uploading a user or contact list file, or using our real-time API. Our goal is to provide the best reverse phone lookup service which is easy when you have access to the best Telco data.

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