Order & Transaction Fraud Prevention API Documentation

IPQS Proxy Detection API and Device Fingerprint Technology support additional parameters for the purposes of scoring transactions or users, detecting payment fraud, and providing real-time fraud prevention. This service is ideal for preventing chargeback fraud and performing advanced user scoring.

Order & Transaction Fraud Scoring

Additional user data for orders, transactions, lead generation, and personal user information can be analyzed to enhance Fraud Scores. The fields listed below are entirely optional and provide additional data that can be used to detect fraudulent patterns and behavior. Any additional data beyond the IP address greatly improves detecting high risk activity.

Risk analysis on transaction data will be displayed in the "transaction_details" object. If only one address is available for the user or transaction, then please enter the address data into the "billing" or "shipping" variables, rather than entering the same address in both variables. Passing the email address also contributes to detecting fraudulent users, however only a light abusive check will be performed. Using a full lookup with IPQS Email Verification API Documentation is recommended as it will provide greater details and accuracy for email reputation. The transaction variables listed below are optional, any irrelevant variables can be ignored.

Customize Transaction Scoring

Adjust IPQS order, user, and transaction scoring algorithms to better fit your audience. Premium IPQS clients can adjust your account's Transaction Rules for better performance and more tailored results.

JSON Transaction Example Request

Below you will find an example of using transaction scoring functionality with our Proxy/VPN Detection API. New to IPQS? View our base Proxy Detection API Documentation to get started..

API Lookup with Billing Email Address, Country, & Phone #
The email address & phone # will be checked for recent abuse. The phone number will be validated. Only emails addresses checked with our dedicated Email Verification API will be fully validated.

Key Expected Values Description
billing_first_name String The customer's billing first name.
billing_last_name String The customer's billing last name.
billing_company String The customer's billing company.
billing_country String The customer's billing country name or billing country ISO-Alpha2. (EG: United States or US)
billing_address_1 String The customer's billing street address part 1.
billing_address_2 String The customer's billing street address part 2.
billing_city String The customer's billing city.
billing_region String The customer's billing region or state.
billing_postcode String / Number The customer's billing postcode or zipcode.
billing_email String The customer's billing email address.
billing_phone Number The customer's billing 11 to 14 digit phone number. (If less than 10 digits provided, the country code will be guessed by our AI.)
shipping_first_name String The customer's shipping first name.
shipping_last_name String The customer's shipping last name.
shipping_company String The customer's shipping company.
shipping_country String The customer's shipping country name or shipping country ISO-Alpha2. (EG: United States or US)
shipping_address_1 String The customer's shipping street address part 1.
shipping_address_2 String The customer's shipping street address part 2.
shipping_city String The customer's shipping city.
shipping_region String The customer's shipping region or state.
shipping_postcode String / Number The customer's shipping postcode or zipcode.
shipping_email String The customer's shipping email address.
shipping_phone Number The customer's shipping 11 to 14 digit phone number. (If less than 10 digits provided, the country code will be guessed by our AI.)
username String The customer's username.
credit_card_bin Number First six digits of the credit or debit card, referred to ask the Bank Identification Number.
credit_card_hash SHA256 / string For security reasons and following industry best practices, a SHA256 hash of the credit card number is accepted to check against blacklisted cards.
credit_card_expiration_month Number Two letter format of the credit card's expiration month. For example, May would be "05".
credit_card_expiration_year Number Two letter format of the credit card's expiration year. For example, 2022 would be "22".
order_amount Number Total balance of the entire order without currency symbols.
order_quantity Number Quantity of items for this order.
recurring boolean Is this a recurring order that automatically rebills?
recurring_times Number If this is a recurring order, then how many times has this recurring order rebilled? For example, if this is the third time the user is being billed, please enter this value as "3". If this is the initial recurring order, please leave the value as blank or enter "1".
Example Code